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Houseguard Home Inspection
Edmonton, Alberta

Area of Business

Edmonton Alberta, Morinville and St Albert.

Company Profile

Houseguard Home Inspection

Address:617 Woodbridge Way
City: Edmonton
State/Province: Alberta
Phone:Phone number (780) 449-5248
Fax:Fax number (780) 449-4142
Toll Free:    Not Available
Visit Website:

Listed under: Canada : Alberta : Edmonton

Description of Services

Houseguard Home Inspection can help you make an informed decision by providing a thorough evaluation of the structure, systems and components of the home you are considering purchasing.  Each client receives a comprehensive report complete with diagrams and information on the different components of the home.

This report includes a full disclosure of building conditions and advises on specific maintenance and building science issues. Also included is a seasonal maintenance checklist, residential construction & renovating estimate / budgeting guide and a comprehensive guide listing the components of a home, their life expectancy and replacement costs.

Certifications & licensing
Not Verified

Call Houseguard Home Inspection for details and Pricing at
(780) 449-5248 for more information.

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