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John Decker Home Inspector

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Areas Covered
Homosassa and Citrus County Florida.

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Company Name: John Decker Home Inspector
Address: 3802 South Swan Terrace
City: Homosassa
Province: Florida
Phone: Phone number (352) 228-9376
Fax: Fax number (352) 503-3029
Toll Free:    Not Available
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Description of Services

John Decker Home Inspector And Remodeling Consultant Services offers 400 point home inspections including.

· Lot & Landscaping
· Exterior Of Home
· Roofing & Gutters
· Foundations
· Wall & Roof Framing
· Insulation Of Home
· Electrical System
· Plumbing And Fixtures
· Heating & Cooling System
· Bathroom Fixtures
· Kitchen & Appliances
· Interior Of Home
· Attic & Basements
· Porches & Decks
· Sidewalks & Driveways
· Overall Safety

I am a Florida Home Inspector who works in Citrus County and surronding areas.

We provide home inspections for home buyers and sellers. We help people remodeling their home get what they pay for. We do four point inspections on homes for insurance companies.

When you are buying or selling a home you let your heart become your guide. A buyer falls in love with the home, a homeowner has attachments to the home they have lived in for an extended period of time.

Buyers often let their heart become the guide, not always a good move. We recommend you have a HOME INSPECTION done in order to see what condition the house is really in. A discovery of a structural flaw can save you thousands of dollars in future repair bills!

Sellers want to keep the asking price as high as they can in order to bring in the best possible profit on the home. A home inspection will tell the homeowner what shape the house is in. If repairs need to be done before putting the house on the market they can prepare the house for maximum returns. After the house is as ready as they can make it the inspection report can act as a anti-haggling tool!

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Useful Resources for Home Buyers
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  • an important step in protecting yourself from buying a home with hidden faults that will require costly repairs.
  • Choosing a Home Inspector
  • Many new home buyers have the impression that all home inspectors are the same, in fact, many Canadian provinces and American States have no regulations for home inspectors so the experience level of inspectors vary.
  • Toxic Substance Inspection
  • You've already asked for the right to have a professional home inspector inspect your house. And you've asked for the right to have your home inspected for pests. Have you thought about having an inspector test for toxic substances?
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