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Areas Covered
Tallahassee Florida, Leon, Wakulla, Jefferson and Franklin counties.

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Company Name: Charles Prescott Services
Address: 3721 Galway Dr.
City: Tallahassee
Province: Florida
Phone: Phone number (850) 668-8533
Fax: Fax number (850) 668-7731
Toll Free:    Not Available
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Description of Services

Charles Prescott inspection services provide buyers, sellers, property owners, and agents with important information essential to evaluating a property's condition through inspection, consultation and detailed reporting of the exterior structure including the grading, foundation, crawlspace, chimneys, walls, patios, driveways, doors and windows, fences or gates, roofing and skylights.

The interior inspection including but not limited to all electrical circuitry, heating and air conditioning, plumbing and insulation. Understanding the condition of the systems and components of a building are critical when it comes to purchase, repair and maintenance decisions.

Certifications & licensing
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