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Home Inspection Group Inc.

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Mississauga, Toronto Ontario and surrounding.

Contact Details for Home Inspection Group Inc.

Company Name: Home Inspection Group Inc.
Address: 342 Ranee Avenue
City: Toronto
Province: Ontario
Phone: Phone number (416) 527-4838
Fax: Fax number (416) 256-7920
Toll Free:    Not Available
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Description of Services

The Home Inspection Group Inc. performs Pre purchase home inspections, new home pre delivery inspections, pre listing inspections, home owners upkeep inspections and partial home inspections.

Pre-Listing Inspections from the Home Inspection Group Inc. gives the home seller the opportunity to make repairs and improvements that will help capitalize on the listing price.

New Home Pre-Delivery Inspections from the Home Inspections Group Inc. provides quality representation during what will be the beginning of a major financial endeavor, therefore eliminating the possibility of purchasing a home subject to defects.

A Pre-Listing Inspection Service from the Home Inspection Group Inc. can be beneficial to home sellers because our highly qualified home inspectors provide the home seller with useful information regarding the condition of their home. This also gives the home seller the opportunity to make repairs and improvements that will help capitalize on the listing price.

A Home Owners Upkeep Inspection from the Home Inspections Group Inc. offers this home inspection service to home owners when they are interested in making repairs to their home. Our team of Home Inspectors will supply the home owner with a report of repairs that are recommended.

The Partial Inspection service from the Home Inspection Group Inc. is provided to a seller or buyer for the general purpose of a certain area of a house that may need attention as opposed to a full inspection A home owner may want a certain part of their home to be inspected for maintenance reasons. For example, the basement or roof of the home. The home inspector can complete a partial inspection in this case and the report will define the required maintenance and repairs needed for this part of the home.

As professionals and leading experts in the industry, the home inspection group of Toronto Ontario are committed to providing our clients with the best service possible. Whether your are a homebuyer, home seller, home owner, or real estate agent, we have the educational and practical experience that will be needed to assist you in making a well informed decision. The Home Inspection Group has a high level of dedication to its clients and its code of ethics includes providing its expertise and extensive knowledge for paramount results according to industry standards.

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  • an important step in protecting yourself from buying a home with hidden faults that will require costly repairs.
  • Choosing a Home Inspector
  • Many new home buyers have the impression that all home inspectors are the same, in fact, many Canadian provinces and American States have no regulations for home inspectors so the experience level of inspectors vary.
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Home Inspection Checklist
Home Inspection Checklist
A proper home inspection from a professional home inspector is always highly recommended but that doesn't excuse you from looking carefully over the home before you get to the inspection stage. By keeping a sharp eye out, you may be able to spot some major problems and eliminate a potential property before paying for an inspector...